Aimpoint Pro Review

When talking about shooting with red dot sights (RDS), I belong to an old school. In my younger days, I had a lot of training and finally learned to shoot with iron sights and comprehend sight alignment, sight picture, and all that.

But then I revealed the red dot sight, which enabled me to put the dot on the target and squeeze the trigger instead of aligning three points (a rear sight to front sight to target) of iron sights.

This article will offer an Aimpoint PRO Review describing all the features and Aimpoint PRO specs in detail.


If you’re not using an Aimpoint, you need a piss test.

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Review

Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight with QRP2 Mount...
  • Absolute co-witness with iron sights (with the supplied spacer installed)
  • Features 2 MOA red dot for accurate target engagement
  • Includes front and rear plastic flip cap lens covers

Last update on 2024-06-19

Commonly known as the red dots, there are two types of reflex sights: a tube-shaped sight that resembles a short riflescope and an open sight with a heads-up display (HUD) design.

Unlike open reflex sight featuring a rectangular-shaped window with the red dot, the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) belongs to the more traditional tube-style sights.

Aimpoint is well known for its battle-proven reflex sights and series of high-end red dots with military-grade reliability. Aimpoint PRO Red Dot is a budget option from Aimpoint designed with a very accurate 2 MOA reticle to help you with high-range shooting. 


Aimpoint Pro Review

The Aimpoint PRO red dot uses a hard-anodized 30mm tube, and it is designed with an AR platform and other Modern Sporting Rifles in mind. That said, the Aimpoint Pro QD mount height is designed for absolute co-witness with AR-15s.

Since Aimpoint is the go-to optics for military, law enforcement and home defense situations, it has slightly less battery life.

Its housing is a little less intense than Aimpoint’s full-bred military-oriented combat red dot sights.

  • The Aimpoint PRO stands out for a clear and crisp 2 MOA red dot that allows you precise shooting at distances of 200 yards or more.
  • Furthermore, the Aimpoint Pro has 10 brightness settings, 4 of which are dedicated to Aimpoint Pro Night Vision compatibility and 6 levels effective in daytime or lit shooting.
  • The capped turrets are easily click-adjusted with accurate clicks that equals roughly 0.7 inches @ 100 yards.
  • The Pro comes with flip-away lens covers made of solid opaque plastic front and transparent rear cap.
  • Finally, the Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) is also airgun rated.


Built (Tough Like a Rock!):

i want business value and i want it now


The Aimpoint 30mm Pro Patrol is a traditional sized optics similar in design to its younger brother, the Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO).

If you compare an Aimpoint Aco Vs Pro red dot, both sights feature a tube-style optic body.

Both sights boast housing constructed from high-quality forged aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.

On the other side, the Aimpoint Pro is a larger optic with a waterproof capability, much longer battery life, and night vision compatibility.

The Aimpoint Pro is a full-size red dot with a height and width that measures 2.2 inches and a length that measures 4.5 inches.

A bit heavy for red dots, the Aimpoint Pro-weight is 7.8 ounces, and with Aimpoint Pro accessories like battery, AR riser and mount, it tips the scales at 11.64 ounces.

As we look at Aimpoint Pro Vs T2, you also find the Pro is almost 3x heavier than Aimpoint T2 compact red dot sight.

However, this capable patrol rifle optic is a full-size red dot sight that offers a relatively large field of view with both your eyes open.

Aimpoint PRO Torture Test

Aimpoint PRO that still works after a House Fire!


In a couple of Aimpoint PRO Patrol Reviews, you can find Aimpoint Pro Torture Test where reviewers beat it with a hammer in all directions trying to imitate tough field use.

Being very rugged and rigid in construction, the Aimpoint Pro can be submerged in water up to a whopping 150 feet.

As you will expect from an optic designed to be installed on a life-saving firearm, Aimpoint PRO can operate in temperatures from -49° F to 160° F.


Battery (Lasts 30k Hours!)

Another primary selling feature is the Aimpoint PRO battery life.

The Aimpoint PRO comes with one 3v lithium battery, known as 2L76 or DLI/3N, boasts 30,000 hours of battery life. The Aimpoint Patrol utilizes a high-efficiency circuit that enables the red dot to be left running for years.

Aimpoint Pro Battery Life

In other words, there is no turning off option for this Aimpoint model since the PRO red dot can stay on for three years on one battery with the brightness set at 7.


Lens and Clarity:


Aimpoint Pro Lens Clarity

Aimpoint PRO on BCM – 50 yards


The Aimpoint PRO is equipped with an objective lens of 23 mm diameter. The optical lens is fully multi-coated to enhance light transmission in glaring daylights.

The blue tint is barely noticeable, and it comes as a result of an anti-glare coating.

Aimpoint uses very high-quality glass from Denmark and central Europe.

The lens openings are well recessed into the aluminum housing to protect the lenses from impact, fingerprints or scratches.

Though it belongs to the Aimpoint budget series, the PRO glass is very clear so that you can use it either in low light condition or on super sunny days.


For those who swear by the Swedish quality of Aimpoint, the Aimpoint PRO Warranty of 2 years for competition or professional use and 10 years for personal, normal use should be pretty satisfying.

Aimpoint PRO Supported Mounts

Last update on 2024-07-10


The PRO combo comes complete with Aimpoint PRO Mount making installing this red dot a pretty easy undertaking.

The Aimpoint Pro Low Mount called QRP2 “rail grabber mount” is borrowed from the famous Comp M4 sight.

Aimpoint Pro QRP2 Mount

QRP2 Mount Comes With the PRO!


You can easily attach this mount on a Picatinny rail using a spring-loaded tightening knob. A big but incredibly useful knob is effectively a pre-calibrated torque wrench that will not deform the rail. You need only to turn the knob until it clicks 3 times.

The Aimpoint PRO also comes with a removable spacer for co-witnessing and the necessary hex wrenches and bolts.

While the included mount saves you headaches and upfront costs, the big protruding knob for mounting and unmounting could be annoying for some people.

Although the QRP2 mount is reliable, it is a bit heavy.

Fortunately, you may choose tens of Aimpoint PRO Mounts or select one of the hundreds of aftermarket compatible mounts with Aimpoint Pro 30mm mount diameter.

Currently, the most recommended amount for Aimpoint PRO comes from LaRue.

For those who prefer a lower 1/3 co-witness or have the AR-15/M16 with a fixed Front Sight Post (FSP), the LaRue LT 129 or LT150 are an excellent upgrade.

The LaRue the forward canted LT129 would be a good solution if you get an NV device or magnifier.

Another quality 3rd party mount is the QD SIDELOCK mount from Kinetic Development Group.  This mount is perfect if you are planning to swap the PRO from gun to gun frequently.

Some users recommend a Trijicon 30mm ring because it places the PRO as low as possible to the rail atop the AR-15 carry handle.

Suppose you are building the lightest possible combo. In that case, the single Scalarworks Ring with a highly efficient clamp and wider surface area than competing designs will safely and securely hold your Aimpoint PRO optic.


Best Magnifiers for Aimpoint PRO:

Last update on 2024-07-11

It is a common knowledge that red dot sights lack magnification and are only suitable for close-range shooting.

Combined with a quality magnifier, Aimpoint PRO would be a perfect all-around optic.

If close-quarters combat isn’t your only task, equipping an Aimpoint PRO with a magnifier will allow you to shoot on 14″ square steel plates out to 300 yards or even further with more powerful magnification modules.

The Aimpoint Pro works with all Aimpoint magnifiers, and for this Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic review we will recommend Aimpoint’s 3X magnifier.

Of course, you can use any standalone magnifier with Aimpoint PRO, but be aware that using another third-party magnifier may require tweaking it a bit to line up well.

Aimpoint Magnifier:

The Aimpoint 3XMag-1 is a 3x magnifier that will provide better accuracy and observation capability. Beyond the standard 3x power magnifying module, you can further expand the capabilities of your Pro red dot by incorporating the Aimpoint 6XMag-1 with outstanding 6-time magnification.

Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier:

Aside from these military-grade Aimpoints, you have a vast choice of more budget-oriented magnifiers.

One of them comes from Vortex Optics. Vortex VMX-3T is an excellent add-on to Pro red dot sight since it has a machined aluminum body, multi-coated glass lenses and comes with a built-in flip mount.

Primary Arms 3x LER Magnifier:

Another budget option is a Primary Arms 3x LER magnifier, which offers a Long Eye Relief, an integrated diopter and adjustable windage and elevation to keep the red dot center in your field of view.

How to Cowitness/Zero Aimpoint PRO?

Aimpoint Pro Cowitness mount height is designed for the AR platform’s absolute co-witness (dot matches with your irons).

While the Aimpoint Pro Cantilever Mount offers a complete co-witness when used for AR-15, you can also add the spacer to get a lower 1/3 cowitness to see the dot easier.

We have a full guide to how to zero a red dot sight, which you can read here in order to zero your Aimpoint PRO.


Aimpoint PRO Killflash (An Accessory to Consider):

Aimpoint Screw-in killFlash ARD for 30mm Sights -...
  • The killFlash ARD (Anti Reflection Device) is designed to eliminate potentially compromising...
  • Compatible with the Aimpoint Comp, PRO, ACO, and 9000 series red dot sights
  • Honeycombed design offers anti-glint and anti-glare protection for your lens as well as from dirt,...

Last update on 2024-07-10

An indispensable part of every modern tactical optics appears a honeycomb anti-reflection device, widely known as killflash.

The Aimpoint Pro Killflash keeps the optic from the compromising reflections from the objective lens.

The Aimpoint PRO features a threaded front lens opening so you can add on an anti-reflection device (ARD). You can choose an Aimpoint Screw-in killFlash ARD  or opt for anyone constructed for 30mm sights.


It’s not the smallest or lightest optics around, especially when compared to reflex-style optics like the EOTech 512.

But in comparisons similar to Aimpoint Pro Vs Eotech 512, you’ll find a rule that most people put tube red dots on their AR-15 and MSRs, whereas the mini reflex sights attach to their handguns.

While a proven battle optic can cost more than the rifle, the Aimpoint PRO is an excellent option to look at, particularly if you need an optic for protection in dangerous situations.

Why Red Dots?

By definition, a red dot is a non-magnified electronic aiming device that projects an illuminated dot reticle on a target.

As one of the most innovative developments in optics technology, red dot sights allow faster target acquisition at close ranges and better situational awareness.

With a mounted red dot, you can acquire and shoot your target faster and more accurately than iron sights.

In a combat environment, reflex sights are vastly superior to iron sights when you are firing from barricades and cover because it is much easier cognitively to line up that dot with the target.